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NLB'S Vision

The vision for New Level Basketball is to develop kids into good basketball players by enhancing the skill level, and basketball IQ as well. Along the journey we help players to have fun with the game of basketball while teaching them how to compete by playing hard preparing themselves for the new level of basketball.

          1 on 1 Training 


1 on 1 training is available for those of all ages. 1 on 1 training is a 1 hour session which allows you to come in for training receiving basic, and advanced instructions. The goal is to provide an avenue for players to identify flaws in there game, and doing the neccesary work to eliminate the problems while increasing the basketball IQ as well. Film study is also included in 1 on 1 training.

           Group Training

Group training is available for those of all ages. Similar to 1 on 1 Group Training is a 1 hour session which allows you to come in receiving basic, and advanced instructions as well. The goal for group training is to identify flaws. Also, working to enhance basketball skills while being in a competitive setting. Group Training not only teaches players how to compete but also how to work together. Group training usually consist of 2-4 players.

           Skills Clinics


Skills Clinics are available for players of all ages. Skills Clinics are 1-3 hour sessions which are usually mixed with individuals, and teams who are looking for skills developement. Skills Clinics include drills, strength and conditioning, games, speeches, and much more.

             Rome Holley Basketball Training Camp


Rome Holley Basketball Training Camp is available for kids ages 8-16 years of age. Training Camps are run during Christimas, and over the summer break.  Camp days are Monday-Friday from 9-3:30. The Goal for the Rome Holley Basketball Training Camp is to teach the game of basketball through Skill of the Day. Each day during the training camp there is a particular skill that is presented, and taught to the kids. At the Rome Holley Basketball Training Camp you should expect drills, games, basketball skills breakdown, guest speakers, give aways from the sponsors for New Level Basketball, and Much...Much... More!

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